Free songs

The following section is dedicated in loving memory of our great dogs that have passed away over the years..

Kulima Jabuza

It is with great sadness and tears in our hearts that we had to say goodbye to our beloved Jabu. He was such a gentleman and always brought us pleasure. For us, his sweet memory will live forever.


Demundeville Zodi of Kulima

We lost our wonderful and gentle lady, Zodi. She gave us so much love, joy and happiness, we will miss her forever.


Kulima Born to be Free

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Elsa. She died in the veld that she loved so much, may she be on an “eternal hunting trip”.

born to be free

Phoebe of Kulima

Sarah, our girl with the light of Africa in her eyes, has passed away. We will miss her forever.


Mhondoro Fe Asabi of Kulima

Asabi’s unexpected death will haunt us forever.Rest in peace my girl…..

Mhondoro Fe Asabi of Kulima

Mhondoro Chumba of Kulima

We lost our beloved Chumba at the age of 10. He was so full of love and fun to be around. He became the wise old man, teaching the young ones about life on the farm. We are poorer without you….


Nomvuyo Born in the USA of Kulima

Thank you for 12 years of absolute dedication to us. I will always find you in my shadow…..


Tarka of Kulima

Sadly, we lost our beloved, wonderful, never to be forgotten Tarka. She was a superstar and loyal friend.She was a joy to raise, show and have around. Rest in peace my girl.