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Our dogs are part of our family life and we cannot imagine our lives without them. They bring so much joy and laughter on a daily basis, and is protecting us very effectively from harm. In this remote area of the Karoo, everybody knows about them and I am referred to as ” the lady with the red dogs “.

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Breeder: O van Heerden

Sex: bitch

Date of Birth: 21-May-2007

Remarks: Savanah is a lovely livernose girl that I could not resist. She is a calm, elegant lady and fits in well with the rest of the dogs. Aloof with strangers. Height 65cm (26″) HD A2:A2 ED 0:0

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Breeder: J Wang

Sex: bitch

Date of Birth:  2-Dec-2004

Remarks: Shica is very intelligent, alert and adventurous. She can be stubborn at times, but responds well to training. She is loving, adores the children and loves her comforts. Height 66cm (26,5″) HD 0:0 ED 0:0

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